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    This course was the most wonderful way of making us experience character design taken by our faculy Mr. Prakash Moorthy
Yes...that was the design brief given to third year animation students for the start of their animation course. At first everyone was flabbergasted. why were WE designing vehicles? .
Of course we had no idea what an amazing storytelling experience we were just going to have.
From the vehicle we were asked to design write a story about this vehicle...and to create an imaginary world where it could have belonged and to then think about who created it...who it was created for and then to introduce death!

and that was the birth of Ninfea, Poco, Death and the Underwater world of the corakans ( the coral people)
NINFEA ( PROTAGONIST) Character Design
DEATH Character Design
POCO Character Design
THE FINAL STORY( in a very few words) .
Ninfea a corakan girl is born to give the underwater village its first protectors from the corakans only enemies, the carnivorous birds. As she grows up,her  she becomes a loner and is not accepted by anyone in the village and ends up becoming friends with a lost blue whale with a stunted growth ( also shunned by its community for its minuscule size). The whale faces death ( a huge mass of sea algae that lives in the trenches) and ninfea designs vehicle to send the whale away from the corakan world..the only way of saving him and then confronts death.
A few of my favorite illustrations from the story...
 All the final illustrations for the story were made using dry pastels and color pencils as a medium.
Ninfea with Poco 

Poco traveling with all the other whales.

The Corakan village
A glimpse of death as it floats by in the trenches.