• Xilofun

    The objective of this proyect was to design a product that is easy to assemble, and manufacture starting from a sheet or plate.
    Xilofun is a toy that emit a sound similar to a xylophone; this toy has a vertical configuration conform with 4 walls that allows to be played by 4 kids at the same time. The fun start when the kids need to coordinate and comunicate to perform a song. 

  • Looking for the perfect sound.
    Making volumetric experimentation with several materials was necesary to find the correct form and material.
  • Different color, different note.
    Every key was painted in different colors, to help the kids make a color-sound relation, making easier to follow the notes, and play a song.
  • Example of Score
  • Body without keys.
  • The keys play a scale of Do.
    This is posible by changing the size of the key.
  • Packaging arrangement.
  • Xilofun assembled.