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    Photojournalism: Sicily
I’ve always been curious about going to Sicily. Italians are outgoing,their food is great, their beaches amazing and all the “mafia” story soundedtempting enough for me to visit and photograph the island.
First thing that comes to my mind when somebody says Sicily is a church,usually abandoned. Sicily is full of churches, many of them are closed or beingrepaired. Most walls are covered by graffiti cursing but as they are written inItalian, they are an art work to my eyes. The aged population gathers in everypark around a fountain to watch people go by and to talk. They talk a lot, andthe sound and rhythm of the Italian language is music to my ears; but the bestthing is looking from across the road to all the gestures they do when talking…Sicily is an opera stage! Specially if you go to a fish market early in themorning, where everybody is screaming at each other making all this hugegestures as characters of an opera.
I hope you enjoy this photographs!
The Valle dei Templi (Valley of the Temples) is anarchaeological site with seven temples, all in doryc styles, in Agrigento. It is an outstanding example of Greekart and architecture. The area was included in the Unesco Heritage Site list in 1997.
The modern bronze sculptures definitely complemented the incredible ancientarchitecture.
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