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Bethany Arts Community mission is to create a space and environment where the many forms of art can be learned, produced and flourish. 

They required a fresh redesign of their website. A design that would bring their personality to the fore and help them achieve their aims, inspire sharing, connection and collaboration for the benefit of their local community and beyond. As BAC is a non-profit organization, the task of driving donations was also paramount. The integration of an online events calendar, job portal and Google Map integration was also required to aid visitors and applicants. 

A clear strategy was used. Create a fresh, new website that would help BAC achieve their aims. I focused on developing the most seamless, informative experience possible to mobile and desktop users while creating a website that remained simple, intuitive and functional to end-users. I brought the beautiful imagery to the fore, and remained faithful to keeping the navigation as simple as possible. 

The end result created was a beautiful, and user-friendly experience across a multitude of devices with forward-thinking responsive design. / Website Design
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