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    My friends at Anti Anti as RPG characters.
Anti/Anti is a branding agency based in New York that is run by mostly a handful of graduates from the School of Visual Arts. I've been interning for them since August until December and it's been an adventure. As a gesture of friendship, I created this set of characters based on their personalities.
Ros: the guy that started the whole shenanigans known as Anti/Anti. He works mainly as the creative director at the office. Be careful of this guy. He's known to hit people where it hurts most.
Garry: Ros' brother and also the accounts manager and a bunch of other jobs that I have no idea about. His favorite thing to say to me is "Uhh. Patrick before you take off your coat..."
Graydon: the youngest in the pack, excluding me. He works primarily as a layout designer, and also in charge of creating huge messes in the office. NERF ATTACK!
James: works mainly as an illustrator at Anti/Anti. Anything graphics related is thrown in his direction. Also, he likes pork. And yea, thats a chicken drumstick.
Bon: is a fashion photographer. He doesn't really work at Anti/Anti but he keeps close ties with them and has done work for them in the past.
Nob: is Bon's inner struggles manifested into a shadow clone. He doesn't really exist... or does he?
Umar: the latest addition to the team. He's the resident programmer and manager of website accounts. He's also a member of the Brown Town Clan, a secret organization made to restore the power to the people. Nah I'm just kidding. TRIPHOP.
Lee: was a freelancer who used to work for Anti/Anti, is now working for a much larger branding agency called MBLM. He still comes by once in a while to office parties. He also happens to be fluent in Spanish, English, and Korean. MUI BIEN SENOR LEE.
Patrick: that's me. I was working as an intern for Anti/Anti. They had me doing things like design work, illustrations, running around the city gathering various things, and drinking all their booze. Secretly, I'm plotting to destroy them from the inside. Shhh don't tell them.