Kapsoul, Karen Tripi
Tebbs for Lakeside Media 


Graphic Designer

Type of Work: 
Logo Design

Kapsoul is a product that goes on plastic water bottles to prevent from spilling when tilted. 

Disabled, elderly, and young children 

My responsibility was to create a brand which included a new logo for the product. After receiving content from the client I began conducting research on the audience. I looked into different logos with similar audiences and noticed many had vibrant colors (similar to the colors of the product). I decided to use similar colors based on the photographs given to me. I then began comming up with what I wanted for the font choice. I started to look into ones that felt were family-oriented, friendly and had gentle curves. 
I decided to use a public domain non-commercial license font called, AnisaSans. I felt this choice of style related to the product and who the audience was. I also thought the roundness
After choosing a font I began to put elements into the logo that related to the product. After several ideas, I sent the client a few prototypes for the logo. The client liked the idea of the “K” rounding out at the bottom but wished to incorporate more water elements. They also suggest adding the orange color into the logo.
The logo was also used in the video commercial for the project made by Marina Pantoliano, a SUNY Oswego Broadcasting and mass media student.
Marina Pantoliano's Website: Here