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    Our commission was to suggest an interior design solution and visual identity for a barber shop. The task was to create an atmosphere where clien… Read More
    Our commission was to suggest an interior design solution and visual identity for a barber shop. The task was to create an atmosphere where clients could feel as if they have come to see the barber at his home place, rather than an impersonal salon. Authentic European barbershops of the mid-XX century were taken as a reference. Before starting our work, we visited seven different locations together with our client. We even suggested preliminary design proposals for three locations, so that we could be absolutely sure that the place was suitable for our task. It took us as long as four months to find the right space. Finally, we chose the location at 36-38 Sumska street. The space had served many different purposes before, including a bakery and a hookah lounge. The place had not been thoroughly renovated for nine years. So we started off by dismantling all the structures. After we have stripped down the finishing layers, we revealed the original green ceiling with stucco molding and several additional doorways between the rooms. What we saw there defined the overall style of the place: exposed bricks, classical cornices, and the authentic color of the ceiling – all these became the distinctive features of the new interior. We only had to add a new function to the authentic architecture. Our main idea was to create an authentic design. The very aesthetics of the place defined the furniture, as well as the signboard and the décor. Our design supported the concept of the barbershop which was all about a laconic list of services, simplicity, and honesty. The English word “rumble”, which is the name of the barbershop, means “thunder” or “grumble”. The logo is self-explanatory. Where there is thunder, there is a lightning. Barbers also recognize here scissors, especially if you look at the razor’s edge. Actually, there are many things behind this name, including the legendary phrase “Let's Get Ready To Rumble” and the roaring sound of the plane propeller. Our interior design proposal was determined not only by the idea, but also by the budget of the project. For the sake of higher cost-effectiveness, we avoided lots of finishing layers, and the saved budget was spent on purchasing the original armchairs in the USA and delivering them to Ukraine. The saved funds were also used to buy decorative floor tiles in keeping with the traditional European barbershops. The color of the ceiling is the original color chosen by the first dwellers of this place. We didn’t design wall decoration, as the barbers were supposed to decorate the walls themselves. When the barbershop opened its doors, each barber brought some personal items into the interior. We believe that authentic design is not only about original furniture and antique decor. It’s also about the history of the house where the interior design is made. While we were renovating the location for the future Rumble Barbershop we learnt from the local residents that the apartment building was originally built for the workers of Kharkiv aircraft factory. Therefore, the propeller ceiling fans that are typical of a barbershop acquire a completely new meaning in our design. Read Less