I make a website design for an e-commerce site who sells toys for kid. :D
It is Dolananshop.com
For the design i choose a "colourful " Banner style for making a cheerful, and kids spirit. And so, i choose a retro colour for making a - not - direct statement, about this web site ( Dolananshop.com ) is selling a traditional toys from Indonesia as their best seller. So i thought that  is important for making an impressment for audience about this special feature of website ( which make this website different from toys-kids web other ). Dolananshop.com selling about traditional, of culture indonesia as well as, they sells doll, kitchen set children, cars, and many usual toys like others too.
Sounds excited right :D
Thank you for the attention :")
Here we go. Im making some " Screen View" for dummy-website. So you can look at this website preview more clearly :)