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    A lamp collection that grew out of experiments with spinning everyday objects. These three lamps are final prototypes.
Solid Spin Lamps

Spinning Everyday Objects
The idea grew out of series of experiments with simple everyday objects. These experiments consisted of of taking slow aperture pictures of spinning objects in order to create new shapes. The outcomes were fragile and butterfly like.
The Solid Spin Lamp collection grew out of series of experiments that I made with everyday objects that can be found in everyone’s household. These elements were shoes, reading glasses, books, mugs, jugs, forks, remotes, etc. I was fascinated with the shapes that could be created by simply spinning these objects. I took pictures and video with a slow shutter in order to capture these new shapes. These experiments resulted in fragile, ghost like shapes at different stages that were built up of layers.
I wasn’t quite satisfied with the results and started to wonder how could I make the outlines more clear and the shapes more solid.

I was interested in strength, not fragility and therefore I decided to see what happened if I moved an object around its’ own axis and then an axis of my own choice. I tested objects by themselves and also in groups where they were stacked on top of each other. This resulted in interesting solid revolutionary shapes with great outer detail. If the solids were to be cut open through the middle, the contour of the original object would be visible.

I was exited with the results because I realized that there are endless possibilities. I could make fruit bowls out of fruit, lamp covers out of light bulbs, a stool out of shoes and much more. After the shapes were created I looked for ones that best related to each other, but were made out of different elements (objects). I wanted them to speak the same visual language in order to get a small lamp collection. I modified the scale of each piece to create the perfect family.

The Keys, Shoes and Glasses lamps were born out of a game with spinning everyday objects.
To order please contact me on email: johannatammsalu@me.com