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    A redesign I did for the Special-T website, done as an exercise in creating marketing-websites.
The story
While enjoying an especially lazy night watching crappy TV, I saw a commercial featuring a new machine: The Special-T. A hip new kind of way to make the perfect cup of tea. I was fascinated by the style they used, so went online to take a gander at their website.
Their website is a Flash-framework website where the content was fit inside an artificial box. It was not selling their product and it didn't match up with their commercial. The content was not convincing and pretty complex to navigate.

The action
That's when I decided to see if I could do a better job. Results below.
There are a lot of details that I could be tweaking for an eternity, and not all of the content from the original site is to be found here, but this was just from a consumer-marketing perspective. How would I sell this machine? Who would buy such a machine?

The criteria
1) Accessible from any platform 
(Watch commercial > browse to site on iPad > ??? > profit)
2) Be appealing to the primary market I set: women, 20-40 years old
3) A simple story, selling the machine and highlighting why this machine is different

The disclaimer
The people who designed and developed this had their reasons to create this website the way they did. Pushed by deadlines, guidelines and powers greater than them, it's not always easy to go all out. I'm not here to pass judgement on the original designers and developers, this is purely a training exercise for me. <3
View the design at 100% here: http://www.michielandrea.nl/special-t
Details and interaction
The end
As I said, this was purely an exercise in creating something like this. I like the challenge and hope to be creating more of this in the near future.

All of the material I used in this website is probably copyrighted and trademarked by Nestlé, Special-T and others. I've used some images I found through Google, but of which I have no source. If you see something of yours I used, please let me know and I will credit you.