Content management
taken to extreme, in an
extremely beautiful
 Fontai backends is a unique content and database management system, created to fullfill some of the most difficult tasks server applications can ever undertake. All that while trying to remain beautiful, effective, and very friendly to use.
of large amount
of data
 Make no mistake. This is no blogging platform. Fontai web app is being used to operate some of the craziest businesses in Czech republic. It is adaptable to be a comprehensive sales-management and accounting tool, but it can also be set to operate various hardware devices.

The main aim was to refurbish their current product with completely new user experience model and make it friendlier and easier to use.
Hundreds of items. All editable and accessible by the user.
The system required heavy optimalisation on both programming and design sides. Introducing such UX features like inline editing and 1-click realtime filtering, we gave the user the ideal tool to handle such large amount of articles.
Takes almost any
data on input.
Handful of absolutely
unique UX features.

 During the collaboration I came up with plenty unique experience solutions.

Hiding captions, responsive menus, split inputs, java-script one-click switchers and loaders, in-line editing,
touch and swipe based inputs, completely new way of dynamic pagination, and many more...

Product launch video

Video was created by Fontai.

 If you are interested in using the system for your business, go to and send those guys an inquiry!

Thank you!

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