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CAIR Brand identity
Digital branding

The subject of artificial intelligence is hard enough to understand, so we tried to make
the University of Agders Research Centre identity both visually simple and striking. 
The Challenge

CAIR is the University of Agders Center of Research on Artificial Intelligence. The center aims to become the leader within the A.I. field in Norway, and collaborates with large national and international agencies.

CAIR's website is the cornerstone of the center's visual communication, so we created the centers visual profile with it as a starting point. 
The Approach

We worked closely with CAIR both to in order to establish the tasks a new identity and also to ensure that the profile would be consistently used in the future.

"Together with 07 and Bouvet we made a distinct and visually appealing expression for CAIR. This expression
has since formed a solid foundation for our communications on all levels. Our color palette, logotype
and overall presence on digital surfaces has made it easy to communicate advanced and intricate academic and scientific issues on a daily basis."

-Ole-Christoffer Granmo
Director and professor, CAIR
The Solution

A set of illustrations were made to show the main areas of research areas. These were also animated (when budget allowed) to create a feeling of machine movements and moving data (the essence of artificial intelligence)

We developed a simple but distinctive color palette consisting of pastel yellow and a complementary dark grey.

To complete the simple color palette, we developed a photo style based only on black and white pictures.

"Since was launched in March 2017, CAIR has experienced increased visitor numbers. We also have noticed a stronger brand awareness and we are enjoying high levels of credibility in our industry. 
07 and Bouvet managed to translate advanced concepts within artificial intelligence for an easily understandable and appealing form of visual language "

-Morten Goodwin
Deputy Director and Associate Professor, CAIR
The Result

The work resulted in a distinct digital presence, and  a visual identity that stands out in the industry, and that helps to consolidate CAIR's wanted impression as a leading player in his industry in Norway and Europe.

Live solution:

CAIR Brand identity
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