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Some Kitchen Design Trends That Are Going To Stay
When we talk about home renovation or designing, kitchen comes as the primary area of concern in mind. While designing the kitchen, we usually tend to think about the latest trends to make the kitchen as updated as possible. Having that said, there are some trends which are here to stay for a long time; and hence, those trends need to be talked about. With these trends in mind, you can enhance its value in real estate market.
Open kitchen

Open kitchen have got popularity since the mid of recent decade, and this trend not going to vanish any time sooner because what we commonly see is the lack of living spaces. In that scenario, it becomes every difficult to have wide area kitchen in the house. An open kitchen is usually small kitchen area with upper cabinets taken out. What’s more prominent in this kitchen is the countertop. There have to be countertops at least at three sides of the kitchen. The cabinetry can be moves under the countertops. Such kitchens do not allow family dinners to be hosted inside but that’s okay.
The range hood

With upper cabinetry gone, you have got a lot of space which shouldn’t be left empty. If you have entire functionality of the kitchen retained and still you have the space left on the wall above cooking range, you can fix a range hood there. This appliance can quickly become the focal point of the kitchen. And of course, it doesn’t let the smoke to spread inside the kitchen.
Stainless steel

A great ways to update your kitchen is to bring in stainless steel. To make stainless steel as the main feature of your kitchen, you need to make it the part of just about everything. Whether it’s the cooking range, cabinetry or utensils, stainless steel can make everything to contribute well to modernize the entire kitchen area.
Black cabinets

Uniformity of white color in kitchens has been around for quite a period. Now, people look for a change. This change can be made with the help of black cabinetry. While remaining kitchen can still be white in color, this contrast between white and black can bring character in the overall design of kitchen.
Pot rail

Sometimes, it can be difficult to adjust things taken out from the upper cabinets which are no longer in place now. In that case, you can arrange a pot rail which can be used to hang big pots and utensils. It doesn’t only bring functionality in the kitchen design but it can also make the kitchen more beautiful.
Mixed materials

When you don’t like uniformity in the kitchen design, you can consider diversity by adding different materials and mixing them together. For instance, if you want to add steel cabinetry in the kitchen while you also don’t want to remove upper cabinetry, you can consider adding both by letting upper cabinetry be of wood and the bottom one matching with the steel cooking range.