"mehr vom weninger"
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    Weninger winery premium products package concept 2012 by Boglárka Nádi
Photo by Steve Haider.

P R E M I U M   P R O D U C T S   P A C K A G I N G   C O N C E P T

The Weninger Winery in addition to the grapes, in recent years also other products were availed from their agriculture and brought to market under the name "mehr vom weninger".
As a result that is how the following premium products have been born: grapessed oil, red wine vinegar, verjus and last but not least the vermut.
Since 2006, all our acreages are certified organic. At Weingut Weninger, all vineyard work is adapted to the plant with respect to the nature.
From this, during the planning period I have tried to use their nature-thinking, and all of my works were inspired by the curlicues of vine tendrils. The premium nature of the products were strengthen by the usage of golden, silver and bronze colours.

Franz Weninger, photo by Steve Haider.
vine tendril
Photo by Steve Haider.

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