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    I decided to begin this project because I want to try a new experience in portraiture. My aim is to take a photograph of each person I know or I … Read More
    I decided to begin this project because I want to try a new experience in portraiture. My aim is to take a photograph of each person I know or I met in the street and tell a story about it, a real story about the person in the photo and my relationship with him or her. This will be really difficult, but I hope to succeed and to overcome shyness. Hope you will appreciate it! Read Less
I decided to begin this project because I want to try a new experience in portraiture.
My aim is to take a photograph of each person I know or I met in the street and tell a story about it, a real story about the person in the photo and my relationship with him or her. 
This will be really difficult, but I hope to succeed and to overcome shyness. Hope you will appreciate it!
Please correct me if I made some mistakes in English!

She's Greta, a really special friend of mine and one of the loveliest people I've ever known. We have been friends since we were eight or nine years old, I don't remember exactly. She lives in Milan (we met in Riva Trigoso, a very small city on the Ligurian sea where I used to go on summer holidays when I was a child), so I can see her on holiday periods only, but we always get in touch with emails during the rest of the year. I love talking with her, I never get tired of listening what she has to tell me or ask me and I think she's a really smart girl. When I told her about this project she was truly exited and I think she's one of the persons that support me the most in my dream of doing something good with photography. (2012)
This lovely girl is Alice, a friend of mine. I knew her five years ago during my summer holidays and from that moment we kept getting in touch and we spent other holidays together. I took this photographs when I went to visit her in Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany, where she was on vacation with her family. We talked about many things and especially about what she is going to study at the university, because she has just finished her high school studies and passed the final exam successfully. She told me she is going to study Law and I hope she can realize her dreams. (2012)
She's Chiara, maybe the most elegant girl that I have ever known. One of her passions is fashion, but she also loves taking photographs and reading books. At the moment she's studying Medicine in Milan, where she lives. When I talk with her about her studies, she told me that she would like to become a prenatal surgeon and work abroad in coutries where the infant mortality rate is still very high. She thinks that it's inconceivable that there are so many deaths only because there aren't the right cures and the necessary instruments. I hope she can realize this project and save many newborn lives. (2012)
Here's one of the most important persons in my life, she's Elena, my mother. Despite sometimes I can't stand her and she doesn't understand me completly (but I think that everyone passes through that phase, right?), I am quite satisfied of our relationship. I know she loves me and she will always be here for me and for my happiness. I took this portrait in a warm summer afternoon, when she was reading a book that I lend her. This is one of the things we have in common: the passion for reading. And obviously we always share our opinions about what we read and I love those moments. (2012)
Yes, this man is my father. His name is Ahmad and he came here in Italy about thirty years ago from Lebanon to study engineering at the university of Pavia. Then he met my mother (they met during a travel by train, a curious story indeed) and now we live in Genoa. Actually he works in Novara so I can stay with him in the weekends only, when he comes back to Genoa. When I took this photo he was studying some notes about engineering, he does his work with a great passion and I love this thing about him. He would like me to do engineering too at the university but I don't think so. However I know that he will support me in everything I will decide to do: he wants to see my happiness and I hope to see his.(2012)
Well, I would have a lot of things to say about this man. His name is Curtis McCarty and probably some of you could already know his personal story. In 1985 he was accused of murder and sentenced to death even if he was innocent. He spent twenty-one years of his life in prison in Oklahoma. Twenty-one years. Try to image that twenty-one years of your life were suddenly cancelled and nobody can give them back to you. And try to imagine that every single day of this long period you wake up with only one thought in your mind: I must die. Curtis described all these terrible things and his feelings in occasion of the day against death penalty all over the world organized by the community of Sant'Egidio, "Cities For Life". He went to my school in the morning and then I went to listen to him again in the afternoon where I took this photo of him. I think that his story is really significant and should induce everyone to fight for human rights and against the death penalty, that is not an instrument of justice but an instrument of guilt and revenge. (2012)
Yes, another member of my family. She's my grandma Anna and I could describe her as the most italian woman that I have ever known. She likes chatting, cooking delicious meals and she knows everything (and when I say everything I really mean everything) about the people who usually appear on tv. This is a funny thing because when we are watching tv all together she starts describing the life of the people who are shown on the screen and you have to listen to her, even if you really don't care about these things and facts; you have to listen to her because she can't stop talking. But despite this crazy feature, she's a lovely woman who loves her simple life and looking after the house. Sometimes maybe she is a little bit prickly, but I love her anyway. I took this photo a year ago in Rimini. I chose this photograph because it is actually one of my favourite photos of her: her smile is pure bliss. (2012)
This girl is my friend Serena. I've known her since we were in the same class at primary school, so it is a long time. I like this thing, because with the other guys who were with us there isn't the same realionship, we just say 'hello' and few words when we meet in the street. With Serena instead, I talk a lot about everything and we share some really crazy experiences and moments. For instance, when I took this photo we were just coming back from a flash mob where we were actually "dancing like idiots". One of the thing we have in common is the love for music: we listen to almost the same bands and we love talking about songs we like or concerts we want to go. And yes, we are a sort of concert tickets addicted. (2012)
I met this "little man" in a Chinese restaurant where I ate some really delicious food. He was staring at me and my friends in his green pushchair and I tought he was the most cute and puffy chinese boy I've ever seen. I asked his mother if I could take a photo of him and when I pulled out my camera from my bag he began to watch it in this fascinated way and then he began to shake his little feet and laugh. (2012)
This guy is Fabio, he is a friend of mine and one of my classmates. When I took this portrait of him I was taking a photography lesson with another girl and he offered himself as a model. At first I was a little bit surprised because I thought he was a quite reserved boy, but I was wrong and everything went well. His main interests are playing football and supporting Sampdoria, one of the two football teams of my city, unfortunately the one whom I'm not a fan of. However we share the love for music, he especially likes Italian songwriters and bands like Muse. When I asked him what he is going to do after high school he said that he haven't decided yet, but I hope he will be able to follow his dreams. (2013)
And here it is one of the loveliest people on Earth. This is my dear friend Silvia, I've known her since we were together at middle school. When time for high school came, we chose different ways so we don't see each other so often anymore, but as soon as we find a little time to stay together it's clear that nothing has changed. One of the things I love about her is the power to make people feel happy and at ease when they are with her, she's really special. After taking this portrait, we talked about our projects for the future: she wants to become a make up artist and she is going to spend a year in Milan to study in a professional school.. so I joked that I would use her talent for my fashion photographs then! But, out of joke, I hope that all her dreams can come true and think that I would miss her very much. (2013)
Finally I got her portrait. She is Martina and there isn't a right word to descride what we are together. I'm so thankful to be a friend of her everyday because she is one of the best people in this world. We spent together lots of lovely and funny moments, but also difficulties and bad days. I took this portrait of her during our last holiday in Florence, a wonderful city that fascinated us really much. We were on the river Arno and there was a magical atmosphere, with all those lights and reflections and the colors of Ponte Vecchio. It is certainly one of the best memories we have. (2014)
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