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Is the dream gone?
Malleable, lucid thoughts,
What are we supposed to feel?
Imagine our emotions—obsolete,
A future—bright,
Futuristically urban,
Urbanized by the child,
Also obsolete,
Sweet cocoa,
Look at the skyline rising amongst the skies,
Through and through,
Admire the movements,
And try to remember—the child in me.
Rafael Prieto, founder of Savvy Studio, and Umberto Bellardi Ricci,
artist and architect, present a project by Casa Bosques: A Brighter Future

Faced with the context of political and environmental uncertainty that exists today, we propose a piece that shows an optimistic and positive vision: a world of chocolate.
Chocolate is a material with the potential to convey symbolically magnanimity.
Meliorism, according to the American philosopher John Dewey, is the theory that we can improve humanity through means of thought and serious effort.
Dewey argues it is necessary to frankly and honestly acknowledge the human condition and not to accept these as definitive, but to awaken the energy to remedy them.
It is precisely this energy that the piece attempts to channel—perhaps paradoxically—through references to the dystopian megastructures and the monumental projects of Superstudio and Le Corbusier, as well as moments from Mexican modernism such as the prehispanic geometry of Agustín Hernández.
Focusing on the principle of the possibility, this project transforms these references through sight, touch and taste for a concept that reaches for utopia instead of dystopia.