De Utrechtse Internet Courant (DUIC, The Utrecht Internet Newspaper) is an online news source with news from the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands. The website is the second largest news website of the city with 25,000 unique visitors per day.

In addition to the daily online news, DUIC is also issuing a paper edition twice a month since 2016. This newspaper, which is full of background stories, interviews and reports, can be picked up free of charge in more than 500 locations throughout the city. The circulation is around 50,000 newspapers, with a reach of about 100,000 readers per edition (can also be read online on the website ISSUU). You can also become a member of DUIC, with the advantage that you get the newspaper delivered to your home.

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Art direction and design: Nathan Roos & Frankie Tjoeng (on behalf of DDK)
Published: every two weeks