To create a book that reflects my style, cultural background and important people or things in my life, that was the goal of this project. 

All the photos are my own as well as all the retouch, montage, book steampunk decoration, illustrations, etc. This project that took a lot of work to get it finish in two months. I wish I had a bigger budget for it to be able to use a different book and different decorations or even a better paper with some finishes, but as a student I needed to be resourceful and work with what I got. I was just thinking I was designing for the most stingy person in the world. 
These are the final sketches that helped me planning before spending too much time designing for the 16 pages the MeBook. 
I wanted to incorporate some hand drawn text, which I know I'm not good at but I just wanted to give it a persona touch and avoid using digital typefaces, as this book was about me. 
16 Pages designed in total made up of my own photographs, designs, illustrations, memories, etc. 
These are the final pages printed, trimmed and placed in the MeBook. 
I'm originally from Colombia, but I've lived the last 6 years out of my country. However, my family is a very important part of my life and they've influenced partially my personality and built up one of the best memories I've had in my lifetime. Yet, during all of these years the environment and people I've met along the way have also played an important role in what I've experienced and lived until now. I guess and I hope all of this has been reflected in the pages of my MeBook.
Back and front cover design
Some close-ups of the cover design.
Any Feedback will be appreciated.
Thank you very much for watching.