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Siemens Healthineers Showroom
Pioneering Healthcare
Siemens Healthineers Showroom 2017
Created @ Mutabor Design, Hamburg in 2017
Field of work: Conception, Interactive Design, Customer Journey, UX Design, UI Design, Motion Design
The Problem

In 2016, all medical technology activities of the Siemens AG brand were combined under the new, independent Siemens Healthineers brand. The showroom in Forchheim was to become the first application of this new brand in space.
MUTABOR’s task was to create an international and innovative brand space with a high product density. For the first time in Siemens Healthcare’s 140-year history, all departments were to be presented in one place – as a unique brand experience for visitors.

The Approach

The idea: Customer Centricity. The visitor was not only put in the idealistic, but also proverbial center of every customer trip.
From this point on, all further levels – such as brand, product and all analogue and digital information – are successively arranged radially around the visitor and his needs.
The digital concept complements the spatial concept. A circular, interactive media horizon is a central element of the Experience Center‘s overall experience, with a total length of about 85 m. The bordering wall is removed by the media horizon and the visitor‘s view is digitally extended. By tailoring the media, light and sound to the individual products in this area, a truly holistic approach is created.
The solution

The large number of analogue and media interactions accompany the visitor along his or her journey through the 1,200 sqm center. Transparent OLED screens and their specific hanging with a view into the centre of the product exhibition allow an ergonomic and didactically advantageous orientation of the visitor. The visitor stands no longer with its back to the room – as is customary with wall-mounted media. The sequence of rooms with different, high-contrast materials underlines the idea of „Customer Centricity“. The outer ring with its mini lounges focuses on hospitality and gives visitors time and space to approach the brand. The inner ring forms a dark, high-contrast stage for the white products. The daylight illuminates these protagonists perfectly. This is where the digital density is at its highest. It serves as an informative support – but sometimes it’s just a colorful, emotional background of an entertaining visit.
Technology: After Effects, Realtime Animations, Presentation integration, NodeJS, vvvv, openframeworks
Highlights: Transparen OLED-Screens, Mediahorizon, iPad presentation tool, media integration and connectivity

Client: Siemens Healthineers
Architecture & Design: Mutabor Design
Media Integration: MadHat GmbH
Media Planing: NIYU® media projects GmbH

Siemens Healthineers Showroom

Siemens Healthineers Showroom

Siemens Healthineers Showroom in Forchheim. The large number of analogue and media interactions accompany the visitor along his or her journey th Read More