Travel application
I started only from idea. The idea was "Let’s design a Travel app!".
I made a brainstorming session with my colleague on subject "Travel app". Both of us have a some travel experience around the country. So we generally understand what necessary to have a good travel experience.
After that I made a small market research, what services Travel Agencies propose in Ukraine and what part of them can be automated.

I started project in 2016. On that date Travel Agencies provided end to end accompanying services for their clients.
Travel Agency service process:

1. Client calls on Online Reservation number;
2. Client provides information: Country, Dates, Number of people, Duration and Budget.
3. Agency Specialist, based on his/her experience selects a number of Tours that match Clients preferences and send them by email or IM.
4. Client selects a tour, and sends it to Agency Specialist.
5. On this stage Agency Specialist propose to Client payment options:
    Preliminary booking / In-Time booking, Partial Prepayment / Full Cost,
    Online payment / Bank transfer.
6. Based on Client preferences, Agency Specialist send by email or IM, Invoice.
7. Client pays accordingly Partial Prepayment / Full Cost, Online / via Bank transfer.
8. If Client pays Partial Prepayment cost, he receives only Contract. If Client pays Full cost, he receives Contract, Flight tickets and Hotel reservation tickets.
9. In case of Partial Prepayment, Client has 2 options, he can withdraw from Tour at any time but not later than 2 weeks before flight or he can pay the rest of the cost not later than 2 weeks before Tour start. If he withdraws Agency would not return Partial Prepayment. If he pays the rest of the cost, he gets Flight tickets and Hotel reservation tickets.
10. If Tour needs a Visa to Destination Country, Agency also helps prepare all paperwork and give instructions to get it.
After market research of Agencies I made a small research on travel applications, available in Ukraine and in general for whole world.
For Ukrainian market were no specific applications. For other markets I found a number of trip planning applications: Trip-it, Trip Planner, etc. Most of applications used standard Android components (Android 4.4, not Material Design), and User Flows were somewhere complicated. Not all functionality we identified in brainstorming session were available in these applications.
High level overview
After research stage I made small document: High level overview of Tour Guide service, where I described: logic behind the app, who is the target audience for this app, where we get information for app (content), what information we get from server and what information we send to the server. Brainstorming notes was the source for functionality list.
Based on list I made 2 documents: Fields for Travel app, Example List.
First document include fields with example content.
Second document represents a 4 day Tour program.
Fields for Travel app
Example Tour plan
Having minimum amount of documentation I started design. I made 13 mock-ups in They represent main User Flow (User Experience) of this application.
After that I translated all screens in Illustrator. I added a number of screens to make User Flow more complete. On this stage I refined User Flow and focused mainly on Layout, Grid, Composition. Color, Typography and Material Design Guidelines were out of focus during this stage. The outcome was high resolution wire-frames.

Fully functional prototype you can find by this link
After that I started final artwork design. Tool: Adobe XD. On this stage I redesign once more start screen, I reworked Search Fields block and added Popular Destination block. Having thought through application structure, screens structure I focused my attention on Color, Typography and Material Design Guidelines. I used 9 colors, Typeface: Roboto, 3 font sizes, 2 font weights. I used 8 pixels Material Design Grid, 8 pixel Margins from left and right side. System bar, Navigation bar and Cards from standard components.
Typography and Color
I welcome constructive criticism. If you liked it please appreciate!
Travel application

Travel application

Travel mobile application


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