Evo Design Solutions EV-0RR

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  • Evo Design Solutions came to us in February 2009 with their proposal for entering the inaugral TTXGP at the Isle of Man. The hope was to develop a new body for the bike, which was based around a Peter Williams and Lotus designed monocoque. The reality was that with limited time and a very limited budget the best we could hope for was some publicity to encourage a budding investor to enable the project to fulfil it’s potential.

    With a rough idea of the underlying Engineering we set about creating a series of persuasive illustrations to accompany a press release. The response went far beyond what we were expecting, with the images appearing on the web and print press around the world. We even had a request to take the (non-existant) bike to Cannes for the film festival!

    The power of a compelling story and quality visuals knows no bounds!