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Things You Need To Know About Invisalign
Modern dentistry has become quite advanced. One of the features which can be described as trademark of evolution is invisalign. Invisalign is basically a teeth straightening treatment which works as the alternate of traditional braces. You may make a guess from its name that it tends to be invisible while being worn on the teeth. Furthermore, this treatment is claimed to be quite painless as compared to traditional braces. However, you may have questions about its tendency to be really invisible. And you may also have some concerns about its effectiveness given the popularity of braces for being a harsh but effective treatment.
So, what is invisalign?

Invisalign basically tends to straighten the teeth using same method as that of traditional braces. However, it consists of clear plastic trays which give user the option to wear and take off when needed. However, these trays are not completely invisible. Yet, it doesn’t ruins dental aesthetics in a way traditional braces do. In other words, this treatment offers drastic improvement over traditional braces in terms of aesthetics and functionality.
How does this treatment work?

Treatment starts with the impression being taken of your teeth. This impression is than digitally analyzed. Correct mapping of this impression allows creation of digital model. It is done with the help of invisalign proprietary algorithm. The model which is created is known as ClinCheck which gives an overview about the method and time needed for the teeth to be modeled into perfect shape. Then the ClinCheck demonstration is sent to the dentist who then discusses it with the patient. If the patient doesn’t see demonstration as a viable way of treatment, the ClinCheck is modified.

In some cases, the teeth may need to be rotated or there may be a need for the teeth to be pulled. In that case, composite materials may be added to the invisalign or they may be attached with the teeth. In either case, the treatment may become a bit uncomfortable.
Benefits of invisalign

There are certain benefits which make invisalign a preferable treatment.

1. Invisalign is surely invisible as compared to traditional braces. Unless someone looks at your mouth from close range, nobody will be able to tell you that you have worn something on your teeth.
2. In a number of cases, invisalign can actually be a faster treatment procedure. Straightening force can be applied to multiple teeth at once.
3. Since there is not going to be any thin wires and sharp edges, you will not have any discomfort which is usually there with traditional braces.
4. Traditional braces may apply additional force to the teeth, making the roots to shrink. It doesn’t happen with invisalign.
5. Use of traditional braces can modify the breath. It is usually known as braces breath. With the use invisaling, you get an option to remove the trays and brush or floss in the normal way.