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    WIS:DOM Information Systems identity refresh + WIS:DOM Logistics branding & identity
WIS:DOM Information Systems has been running the logistics show in warehouses all across America for decades. After countless years of service to various companies & vendors, WIS:DOM Info Sys established WIS:DOM Logistics, LLC, to at last obtain warehouses of their own & become a full-fledged third-party logistics provider.
Commissioned to refresh the WIS:DOM Info Sys brand & create a unique--yet integrated--brand for WIS:DOM Logistics, I chose to stay on course with WIS:DOM's existing iconic elements: bold text & blue triangle.
Simplifying the logo, perking up blue & updating fonts give WIS:DOM Info Sys the personable & modern feel that was absent from their previous branding. The business cards were printed on solid matte black substrate, with a silver foil outline & spot uv gloss over the triangle. 
As the new kid on the block, WIS:DOM Logistics deserved an equally fresh brand. Clean, simple & visually connected to its parent company, the logo ties in the essential WIS:DOM brand fonts & colors, while representing logistics with the spinning gears graphic.



Former branding / business card
New branding / business card