The Utrecht region (The Netherlands) wanted to establish itself internationally as a healthy playground for students, expats and companies from all over the world. The mission was 'not another logo', but something surprising and playful in which it shows the development and growth of the region. And a little bit cheeky.

In collaboration with DDK and letter designer Guido de Boer, we developed the concept Come Play Grow, with the region Utrecht as playground: come to the region, do your thing (play) and growth as big as you want. With this concept, the idea was born to develop a dynamic font: playful, surprising, growth and a little bit cheeky. We've called it U-Type.

This handwritten font adapts to the taste and mood of the writer. In addition, the font also adapts to the characters around it. That' why different versions have been created for each character, so that it can react and change; dynamic and playful. The font also contains different ligatures to allow letters to flow into each other.​​​​​​​

Typeface: Guido de Boer
Animations: Ivo Brouwer
Typeface development: Timo Kuilder
Published: June 2016
More information: U-Type Website