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    Design disc album of rap legend Rustaveli "Home of Light"
The begin of the world
Design of the album-disc of rap legends Rustaveli "The begining of the world"In the mid-90s, Rustaveli meets DJ Hassan, and in 1998 with Kuzmitch, King Kong and others guys. The idea comes for creating of group, so November 15, 1998 there is a "Dot", this day was made the first recording in the studio. Thus, Rustaveli is one of the founders of the "Mnogotochie". He was in the group until the dissolution in December 2006, taking part in including in the third dimensional album "Dots" - "For the infinity of time," which is essentially a solo work Rustaveli.In 2005, Rustaveli creates «Dots Family» the creative community, the union of these groups and individuals as "Dots», MC LE, «Red Tree" , «FatComplex», «OKNA", "Change of opinion", "drank Grimm", "3 exclamation marks." September 1, 2005 the first album «Dots Family» - «Fuckt # 1", there are new groups of «beginning of the worlds»
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