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    a trailer of a upcoming concept video about the philosophy of a parkour
This video is a concept video i made for a sub-culture course at Raffles. Whenever i search for video preferences of Parkour on the web, i realized a consistency. Alot of the clips online are either based on these amazing movement only, or documentation of an interview. But exactly how much does people know that the practice of Parkour also involves a philosophy and reason behind?

Alot of times people don't really see Parkour as an sport of art, but a crime. And after knowing the philosophy of Parkour through my research, i wanted to make and concept video about the philosophy of Parkour in a more poetic way. Also to create an image of Parkour as a movement of art, not a movement of crime.
I do own the music being used in this video.

Directed / Edited By: Stephanie Sheng Wen Chen 陳聖雯
Produced By: Stephanie Sheng Wen Chen 陳聖雯
Writer/ Voice Over: Derrick Siu
Main Cast: Jowenson Ian Sy
Cameraman: Willy Liu, Evander Gregory Aliwarga
Cinemotography/colorist: Willy Liu
Extra Thanks to : Hiroki Osuka, Christian, Quang, CiCi, Jackie Chen

This is a trailer of  my upcoming concept video of Parkour. Stay tuned! 
If you cannot play the video on here please go here
i do not own the music, the music is by Silver/ Sir Realist called "Heaven Descent"