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    Metaphoric self portraits that portray different facets of my personality
This image is a representation of my belief in a higher power and in karma. I look to the angels  for reassurance, hope, clarity, enlightenment and understanding because in order for me to accept certain things, I must understand them first. I am constantly reminding myself that everything happens for a reason and I try hard to embrace this knowledge, as I consider myself to be rich through my experiences and I'm always learning.
An alternative image for "enlightenment".
"The Childish Adult"
Supposed to be all grown up and needing to act like an adult, nevertheless I am still very much a child in some respects and probably will always be fairly cheeky. I am completely responsible when I need to be, but I play around and joke a lot to the point where people sometimes can't quite figure out whether I'm being serious or not.
"The Clown"
This photograph is a metaphor for some facets of my personality:
1. My funny, humurous side where I'm always laughing. I have the natural ability to make others laugh and entertain them, even without trying and I always try to find the positives in negative situations.
2. My fear of clowns as I find them extremely sinister hiding behind their painted smiles and this shot represents the dark side of myself. This really frightens me because I'm not always able to control or suppress my anger and channel the rage in a constructive way.
3. I find myself quite often misunderstood and at times people can't figure out whether I am being serious or not.
After the make-up artist Abbie Bartlett finished painting my face, I finally saw her work and totally scared myself as I stared into the mirror. I experienced intense fear whilst reviewing the photographs I'd taken and could hardly believe it was me. I had totally transformed and was able to create the image exactly how I intended to.
"The Military Soldier"
I am a fighter. I combat and resolve every issue of my life the best way I can and learn more skills along the way. As shown in the image I'm not armed with heavy artillery, I'm only equipped with basic survival tools also with the ability to adapt easily to any environment and situation. Amazing in a crisis and always on guard to protect myself, I am extremely independent, resourceful and more resilient than I probably give myself credit for... a survivor.