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    Ask Alice Tough Love 2013 Charity Calendar
Tough Love 2013 Charity Calendar

Ask Alice 

Tough Love was built with many kind donations including incredible artwork from Agata Dudek, Angelique Houtkamp, Anna Martinez Harris, Cat Rabbit, Dieter VDO, Gemma Correll, Liam Barrett, Liam Sparkes, Matte Stephens, Rik Lee and Rona Green

100% of the proceeds from our 2013 Charity Calendar will be donated to the "Dog Rehabilitation Program" which is an admirable program that brings together shelter dogs considered unsuitable for re-homing with inmates of one of Australia's prisons. The inmates participating in the program provide behavioural rehabilitation for the dogs so the dogs can be adopted out to caring families. Asides from rehabilitating dogs in need, the program also provides inmates with training which results in employment opportunities upon their release. Above all, the program offers dogs, inmates and officers the opportunity to work together in a positive environment for the greater good of the dogs.


©Agata Dudek 2012