Experimental typography: MOD, a modular 3D font
Continuing to experiment with typographic work, I used the winter break to create the beginning of a modular font on a 3x5 grid, with very simple modules that I then combined into the digits and letters of the latin alphabet. 

The 'MOD' name is both a reference to Antonio Rodriguez Jr's Modular font which I used in a former project a couple years back and meant to mean 'Modular' and 'Modest', because it is both a partial font (does not have all the glyphs) and is experimental work :-).

See a description of the process at the end.
Sample usage
Image created for Martin Luther King day.
Front of my personal new years card.
To design the font, I used a 3x5 grid and simple modules.
Then, I combined the modules into digits and letters.
I then imported the splines in Cinema 4D to extrude and stack them to turn them into 3D shapes.
Then, I experimented with various depths for the extrusion and order for the different modules in each glyph, as for shown below. Notice how the extrusion size affects the shadowing. Also note there is a beveling effect on the shapes.
Then, I selected a combination I liked best (the top left one).
Since this is a very repetitive work, I leveraged the Cinema 4D scriptability with Python so that I could automate most of the work involved.