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    Ethnographic study as to explore the reasons as to why a KFC is being preffered more than Subway in NE India
Collaboration in a space is takenas a tangent between the existing physical objects and their prospectiveinfluence on the behavior of people around them. This is the target of almostall consumer brands trying to conquer a share for themselves in the hugemarket. We have explored the possibilities of how design spaces and brandingcan do wonders to a consumer brand. The difference in branding or basically thedifference in marketing strategy is the prime factor as to whether a brand winsor loses. While at the same time the difference in marketing strategy alsomeans that the brand may target only a very specific group of customer. This opensup further scenarios of communication and activity for the brand. We werelooking into this very basic behavior of consumer food giants who have a verydifferent marketing strategy and caters to 2 completely different types ofcustomer base.
Subway in spite of being a verybig food giant across the globe, they fail to attract the kind of customerfootfall as compared to other food giants like Kentucky Fried Chicken. Subwayprovides healthier food than KFC, they even provide the very unique customizeyour own sandwich option too. Still they are way behind KFC in terms ofcustomer satisfaction, experience and most importantly customer base. This issomething which is very unique in its behavior since Subway has everything thattakes to make a brand successful including brand name and outlet networks,still we see them loosing heavily to other competitors like KFC. We wanted tofind the underlying reason for the same.
In KFC things are different,people come here for an experience, like visiting a family restaurant. KFC doesn’t give people much options for single food items, they provide so much of meal packs that there is something for everyone. KFC makes the experience of having food at their place much more memorable.
Typical Indian food is included in the KFC menu. Although Subway also provide Indian food items, KFC is much more prominent with their set of Indian food dishes.
Time taken in making orders is also a big factor in choosing between food joints.
KFC promotes the concept of family restaurantwhile Subway is a more of a grab and go food joint. The interior space isdesigned the same way. KFC has spaces for individuals who want a quick grab attheir meal, friends who have come for a birthday party and even for familieswho want a dinner outside their home.
KFC provides a lot of food options starting fromnormal chicken pieces to completely Indian veg rice. To make things even moreattractive they have included the concept of meal packs which include a set offood items sold together as a pack.
KFC has a very attractive method of displayingtheir menu. The colors used in KFC menu are far livelier and eye catching.While in Subway the menu displays look far simpler and a bit boring.
The customer in any shop comes from variedbackgrounds. They don’t share a common background. This very fact is beingexploited by KFC with their varied meal packs of different types. Ranging fromvery spicy to less spicy and not spicy at all, KFC has something for everyone.