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AUB / Logo Concept & Stationary 0.1

What could symbolise the academic study philosophy and the vibrant creative community at The Arts University at Bournemouth? How can we encapsulate the common, slightly contradictory desire of a creative people and people in general: to express their individuality while being part of the whole?

We developed a generative vortex representing the students academic process in time and space, establishing a more personal connection between audience and brand. Students from all over the world come together, disoriented at the beginning, together they start to explore and collaborate, they focus on their interests, improve their skills to finally graduate as a specialists in their chosen fields.
The Logomachine is a part of the new user generative logo concept. Students, staff and visitors have the opportunity to create their own personalised vortex on the campus, interactively.

The layout concept is to build up the elements around a focus point. The most important message are shown in frames frame. Texts and graphic elements are held in black and white, for that they give the framework of the University. All pictures however showing the University buildings and their students and their work are in colour.
Working as graphic design interns at the AUCB we became aware that the University lacked a consistent visual identity and, as it recently gained university status, we worked on a redesign. We had the privilege of working without supervision, which enabled us to give everyone a voice. Attending to short evening courses (Film-Making/Photography), working in different departments (Marketing, The Gallery, International Office, Fashion Course), taking in events like a vernissages, exhibitions, open days or lectures and collaborating with students on other projects, helped us to get invaluable insights.

The AUCB has a fine reputation, first class employment prospects, a wide range of degree courses and modern well-resourced equipment. With its location in Dorset on the South Coast of England, it boasts miles of sandy beaches, a large cosmopolitan student population and one of the most vibrant club scenes outside London. Many students told us that the down-to-earth approach of tutors coming directly from the industry was the key decision to come here, but the unique atmosphere on the campus was also a major factor

The students in the first year were very pleased to be able to test their interests through a range of projects. A first year Film Production student for example, will gain a common understanding of all disciplines and get an introduction to a range of technical knowledge, theoretical concepts and creative opportunities. The second year builds on the learned skills and abilities and encourages them to define their specialist career direction. They will choose a particular specialised department like Cinematography, Production Design, Production, Directing, Sound or Editing and work on practical exercises and film productions. Year three is based around a major project, in this case a graduation film. Final year students consolidate their production role, participating in a significant independent study while also contributing effectively as a team member in the production process.
Students wished the visual identity would reflect more the artistic side of the University. The majority of the academic staff was concerned with maintaining a clear, stable and professional style, in line with the reputation it has gained over the years.
To extend the co-creation approach to more elements of the identity and keep it fresh, students, staff and interns are invited to make the yearly changing colour gradient and experimental seasonal headline typeface. Colours, typography, layout and an interactive yearbook will be the second part of this project and released later on. If possible, we will also develop a real working prototype 0.3 of Paul The Logomachine.

We want to say a very special Thank You to everyone involved in this project. To our fellow, to our tutors, to the administrative staff, to our friends for their great support while wo worked their, for helping to test and build Paul and for always being so friendly.
Thank you!

Flora Ines Karger & José Ernesto Rodríguez

AUB / Logo Concept & Stationary 0.1