In the scope of the "biophilic design" project at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, Germany, we designed an exhibition to display our final semester projects.
The concept of the exhibition was to create a landscape, engaging the beholders to move their bodies to look at the different student projects, which where exposed on the floor, on the walls or hanging down from the ceiling. We have laid a new wooden ground to give the room a more natural athmosphere and each project was presented on amorphous three dimensional height lines, showing the process as well as the final result of the projects.

Hannah Andresen
Stefanie Attenberger
Maria Bermudez Elsinger
Alessandra Bradfield-Curry
Aleksandra Desenko
Simon Hanke
Julien David Hoffmann
Marie-Luise Ivandic
Elena Keller
Annalena Rebele
Regina Schröter
Tom Semmelroth
Manuel Steffan
Stefan Troendle

Mentoring: Professor Ralph Ammer.