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Temple of Happiness
Looking to create a meaningful gift symbolizing our data visualization expertise and strong partnership with clients, we designed a Venn diagram-shaped ceramic shaker set to celebrate the centuries-long pairing of salt and pepper, complete with a decoder and hidden message: Happiness is life’s greatest healer. Salt and pepper remain staples on tables across Western culture, so inseparable that manners dictate to always pass the pair in unison at meals. Dual elements were applied throughout the rest of the applications—all resulting in 100 limited-edition, functional box sets displaying our versatile creativity and conceptual thought.

Research, idea, concept, art direction, design direction, creative direction, graphic design, photography, and print production
Prototyping, mold making, and casting concrete tray
Plywood box production

Special thanks to Josh Ritchie (Executive Creative Director), Nate Butler (Design Director), Asher Rumack (Director of Strategy), Jeremy Fetters (Director, Client Services), and Lindsay Hathaway (Editor) at Column Five.
Temple of Happiness