Poster with photo cameras types. Illustration in vintage engraving style.

Illustrator: Alexander Suricoma

The author’s print, made in vintage graphics style. Hand-drawn, and digitized to transfer on products. 

Print contains the history of cameras. There are 28 cameras in total – the most popular and widespread of all times and periods. Starting from the pre-film camera and camera obscura, ending with the latest and most innovative digital designs. 

This print is perfect for a photo studio decoration, or a passionate photographer room. It will be interesting to you and your friends to look at and study the details! 

On this poster are shown the following photo cameras types: 
1. Box camera 
2. Field camera (View camera) 
3. Instant camera 
4. Multi-lenses camera (with sports frame finder) 
5. Rangefinder camera, 
6. Camera obscura. 
7. Smartphone (with dual-camera) 
8. Webcam. 
9. Monorail camera. (View camera) 
10. SLR (Single-lens reflex camera) 
11. MILK (Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera) 
12. Subminiature camera. 
13. Toy camera. 
14. 360-degree camera. 
15. DIY Pinhole cardboard camera. 
16. Point-and-shoot camera (Film point-and-shoot camera with built-in flash) 
17. Bridge camera (with articulating screen) 
18. Swivel lens compact digital camera. 
19. Swing-lens panoramic camera. 
20. Action camera. 
21. Digital compact camera (with built-in flash) 
22. Folding camera 
23. Light-field camera. (Plenoptic camera) 
24. Underwater camera (with two grips, waterproof light and sports finder) 
25. TLR (twin-lens reflex camera) 
26. Twin-lens stereo camera. 
27. Medium format camera 
28. Press camera (with optional rangefinder and attached bulb flash) 

All works are hand drawn. Following materials used: technical pen, ink, marker. 

After drawing illustrations were scanned and vector traced. That gives the opportunity to print without quality loss even on the largest surfaces. 

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Types of photo cameras

Types of photo cameras

Poster with photo cameras types. Illustration in vintage engraving style.