I had so much fun working on this music video for electropop musician Computer Magic. The first third of the music video is a live action narrative shot in New York City starring Danz (aka Compuer Magic). My job was to create an animated version of Danz and put her into a magical virtual world, reminiscent of retro video games and nostalgic visions of the Internet. Real world Chinatown transforms into a digitized version of the city and she playfully explores this new world in a dream-like state.

Director - Anise Mariko
Producer/AD/Storyboards - David Koh
Director of Photograhy - Nick Walker
Character/Design/Animations - Abi Laurel
Colorist - Mary Perrino
Animation Assistants - Esther Song & Lee Schatzman

Software used: Daz Studio, Cinema 4D, Octane Render, After Effects, Adobe Premiere
Watch the animation trailer below:
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Character Design
For this project, the 3D character had to be a virtual, anime-like version of Danz, and also wear a similar outfit, so as to give the feeling that she just became digitized and stepped out of the real world into a virtual world.
Animations and Backgrounds
I was provided a detailed storyboard illustrated by David Koh, which made my design and animation job much easier. I changed a few angles and timing to make it work better for 3D animation, and it was good to go. For the character animations, I used combinations of motion captures from Poser Mocap via Daz3D, and edited the keyframes individually to fit the needs of the storyboard. As the only designer/animator on this project, having the motion capture was absolutely clutch to meeting the deadline.

The background design was also very simple, which helped give the feeling of a retro video game. The main components were a boxy grid city and animated glitch citizens. I quickly modeled the city in Cinema 4D, and rendered the backgrounds with the native renderer, separately from the character, which was rendered with the Octane renderer. I then composited them together with some added effects in After Effects.
A more in-depth breakdown of my general process for this video plus a tutorial with tips and resources for young animators can be found on Rookie Magazine.
Watch the full video on YouTube <3

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