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3D-Models from 'Gladiators 3D' (Jun 2013 - Jan 2014)

'Gladiators 3D' game project
In 2013 I've took part in the development of mobile/online fighting game project called 'Gladiators 3D' at the position of lead 3d artist at Trace Studio. I've directed a team of about 10 outsource artists who've created characters, outfits, props and some environments. I've R&D-ed all modularity, compatibility and connectivity of all bodies, heads and props. Developed various breakdowns and guidelines for all involved artists. Also I've modeled several complex assets myself.
Male and female bodies
I was responsible for developing bodies for female and average male. The concept art provided by the client was very basic, but he wanted to achieve a certain mixture of stylization and realism.
Casual clothes for male and female characters
Besides various armors the characters were meant to be wearing togas when they rest. I've simulated both togas in Marvelous Designer and then adjusted in ZBrush.
Garments simalated in Marvelous Designer and final high-poly model of female toga tweaked in ZBrush
Final low-poly model of female toga with textures applied
Garments simulated in Marvelous Designer and tweaked final high-poly model of male toga in ZBrush
Final low-poly model of male toga with textures applied
Medusa Gorgona
I've modeled and textured a female game boss called Medusa Gorgona - in cooperation with outsource artist Nikolay Vorobyov who've got to create an armor. The client provided me with the head reference and wanted to see the rest of the body in the style similar to Mystique from X-Men. The faces in the project were not to be animated, so I had to put some facial expression right in default pose.
Here's the final low-poly with textures:
The head close-ups. The main difficulty was to find a trade-off between an amount of silhouette details (snakes) and decent polycount - just because the game should have supported the low-spec platforms - mobile and browser.
Gladiators heads
I had to model and texture three different characters heads.
The athletic Egyptian gladiator's head high-poly and its respective concept art.
Low-poly model with textures applied.
The red hair female gladiator head. Client's concept art and final high-poly in ZBrush
Final low-poly model with applied textures
Braided gladiator female. Client's concept art and final low-poly with textures
I've developed an automatic asset transformation system (for 3Ds Max). In game we had 4 body types (male athletic/slender, male average, male muscular and female average) and 21 types of armor sets for each body. Once we've got some armor set finished (usually, for male average), my system deformed it to match other 3 body types with minor geometry adjustment. Also some props like necklaces have been transformed for all types of bodies and armors in just one click!
3D-Models from 'Gladiators 3D' (Jun 2013 - Jan 2014)