This project was a brand refresh campaign for Brooklyn musician Novelty Daughter. I had the honor of designing graphics as well as art directing and styling a photo shoot for social media and blog advertisement for the upcoming album release. The artist has a beautiful and unique sound with lyrics that play on femininity and a strange perspective on life. I wanted to create visuals that would be complimentary to the music while showcasing what makes the artist special. 

The imagery centered around three main emotions that came from songs on the album- joyfulness, emptiness, and weirdness. The photoshoot used three different color schemes with expressions and poses to relay these feelings. The poster graphics, which were made after the shoot, used a combination of all three color palettes, as well as simple, soft shapes that would remind fans of the photos. 

Client- Stereocure
Producer- Jordan Alper
Photography by Daniel Dorsa

Software used: Cinema 4D, After Effects, Trapcode Plug-in, Adobe Photoshop
                                        // Music by Novelty Daughter