The convention for brands at events is a community manager on site doing basic communication and an after-movie showing the highlights of the event. There is a distinct lack of consistency in quality and narrative between the on-the-ground content and the after event content. Jägermeister wanted to change this – taking a production team to Oppikoppi to create high quality production value content on the ground. Creating content that moves at the speed of the feed and culture.

To close the gap between on-the-ground and post-event content, we released high-quality production from the event in less than half an hour of its recording. That meant that excellent content was published instantaneously, keeping the relevance current and avoiding the inevitable post-event fatigue. Throughout the festival the videos were filmed, edited and posted on the same day, making those who couldn’t be there feel directly involved through our all-access content.

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Advertising Agency: TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris\Durban, Durban, South Africa
Digital Account Manager: Alison Smith
Head of Digital Design / Art Direction: Jonathan Lavender
Content Strategist / Digital Strategist / Community Manager: Charlene Charls Dos Ramos
Digital Design: Stuart Anderson
Community Manager: Keith Dinnematin
Photographer: Lee-Roy Jason
Videographer: Menelisi Potwana
Head of Digital: Marc Ratcliffe
Music / Events Manager: Bea Theron
Marketing Manager: Atlegang Moloko
Song: Reason featuring Jägermeister Brass Cartel