CommuniCon 2017 Conference

Art Direction: Angie Dobbs
Designer: Marcus Williamson
Print Specs: 100% Ring Spun Cotton
Printer: Bacon & Co

I get to do some fun work at UT and one of the pieces that I recently got a chance to design was for a conference we put on for the staff here at the University. Since we're the central design hub for UT, we get a chance to help steer the University as a whole; so it's an honor to hold a conference that allows us the chance to be more cohesive.

For the conference itself, I took inspiration from so many different things and I created a Pinterest board (something that I recommend anyone do) to be able to keep it all in one spot. Afterwards I went to pencil and started drawing out a few different things. For the most part though, I sort of knew what I wanted it didn't take super long. The fine tuning did take a little longer though. 
CommuniCon Shirt

I was also asked to design a shirt for the conference, which I was super stoked about. If there is one thing I enjoy, it's having the freedom to design on a shirt. 

For this one I wanted to use one of our sayings. And like I always do, I typically get inspiration and compile them in Pinterest. So I did that, and from there I just started drawing a good bit. After I felt comfortable with a direction, I went into illustrator and fine tuned what I was thinking. 

Afterwards, we decided to created a poster to commemorate this even further. So fun.