Campaign shot in New York, bringing the city busy and cosmopolitan rhythm combined with the essence of the contemporary and empowered woman. The city that never sleeps appears as a fashion scenario and illuminates bags and accessories, adding even more personality to the summer collection. In a modern, urban atmosphere, Brazilian supermodel Barbara Fialho features unique designs on a new season, showing her own style to the world with Rafitthy.
I was a part of this project since the conception of briefing until the final media strategies. As a member of the client team, my responsibilities included, but were not limited to:
- research the concept for the campaign
- have meetings with the agency and studio team, regarding locations and details for the shooting day
- help to choose the products for all the photos and fashionfilm
- collect and make sure the products were in perfect condition for boarding and shooting
- travel with the team from Brazil to NYC and also work as a translator during the trip
- follow the entire shooting day, making sure the products were always perfect for the clic
- cover the shooting day on social media
- cooperate at the selection and approval process
- distribute the images and fashion film in all media vehicles, approving all advertising pieces, online and offline.
Brand: Rafitthy - Tamires Tondin and Monique Roos
Agency: Invento Casa Criativa
Photography: Richard Machado
Model: Barbara Fialho
Art Direction: Luiza Fontoura
Executive Production: Be Society
Make: Edu Hyde
Fashion production: Antonio Muller
Rafitthy | Summer18 in NYC