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    Cook a Dream
What if... 
Started in 2009, Cook a Dream is on a mission to generate original, creative productions for stage, television and other media for international audiences of all ages.

Various conversions with them resulted in an analysis and brand audit that were then applied to set Cook a Dream’s brand platform. This led to the development of various concepts from which one final, highly creative and brand specific concept developed. The core ingredients of the concept are a crafted fantasy world made from paper and set in a theatrical world inhabited by a crew of unique characters that were given names and have highly developed personalities. Even the logo was first developed from paper hanging on strings and purposely made to look more spacial than graphic. The charcters and logo play a role in all Cook a Dream touch-points, from being all over the office space to acting in the short film identity clip we developed for the brand.

What we did:
Branding, Identity, Visual Language, Illustration Direction & Development, Website Design, Identity Video & Spot