ColorMatic- Shoe Branding Campaign
ColorMatic - branding campaign
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Logo Sculpture
The art direction for ColorMatic leans more towards the artistic and colourful side. To add to special effects of the store, a 3-dimensional (3D) logo is placed in the store.
3-D Painting
On the part of concept development, the main idea behind the rebranding campaign is reflected through the use of a chameleon – a creature which is able to naturally change their skin colour to blend into their surrounding environment. Similarly with the “design your own” collection, the shoes can be changed to suit the personality or desired outlook of the wearer. A paintings created by mix media: a paper chameleon and a real shoe, are used as window displays.
Interior Models
A new interior design for the physical store that is consistent with the main theme is essential as it accentuates a fun creative feeling for customers to try their hands on customising the shoes they try on.
Store Design
The most unique part of the design is a large hexagonal shaped shoe rack built along the wall, which resembles the hexagon star logo. Designed shoes will be placed on the racks for display and also for customers to get an idea of what outcomes of shoe design customisation should look like.
Packaging Design
The shoe packaging design is rather inspired by the unique shape and natural texture of a cage. Consistent with the idea that ColorMatic’s shoes are like a chameleon changing colours, the see-through cage design aims achieve just that – a see through packing for people to actually see the colourfully designed shoe it contains. This ground breaking design not only is an eye catching, attention seeker shoe case, but its hexagonal tube shape enables it to fit nicely into the shoe rack on the wall, thus complementing the interior design of the store.
Shoe design
The application of ColorMatic’s logo on the shoe to maintain the consistency and highlight branding for more effective brand recognition. Shoe’s size is display at the center of the logo.
Direct Mail
In other media like direct mail, which is made in hexagonal shape resembling the logo, it guides consumers on how to customise their shoes. A simple set of instructions are brilliantly included to generate interest and eventually compel them to log onto the website. Direct mails will be distributed around schools, colleges, and universities.
Bunting Design
Bunting is designed to hang around the city centre. It is necessary to spread brand awareness and increase brand recognition among the target audience.
Uniform Design
To complete the rebranding package, uniforms are designed to link with the ColorMatic brand by applying the graphic elements from logo onto the shirt.
Delivery Car
Once the shoe is made, it will distribute to the consumer’s address by delivery car. Similar graphic elements from the logo are applied on the delivery car to maintain the consistency and highlight branding for more effective brand recognition.
In addition to that, consumers can even upload and share their shoe designs on FACEBOOK. This feature indirectly helps generate wider awareness to promote the new ColorMatic brand – the colour customisable shoes.
Corporate Identity
To re-launch this brand new colour customisation shoe, a new series of corporate identity were designed for ColorMatic. Graphic elements from the logo are applied on namecard, letterhead, envelopve, and CD cover. This helps to highlight the brand value of the company.
iPhone & iMac
A new apps from ColorMatic is introduce to iphone and iMac in store whereby consumer can login anytime to customise their shoe.
Digital Billboard
The shoe advertisement displayed in the respective media will periodically change colours according to the different parts of the shoe to highlight the ability to mix and match with more than 100,000 possible designs. As a result, consumers will hardly see the same shoe displayed twice.
ColorMatic- Shoe Branding Campaign

ColorMatic- Shoe Branding Campaign

Re-branding campaign for converse color customize shoe


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