This feature film tells about Michael's perfect life which changes dramatically when he discovers a portal which allows him to travel in time. He travels back to the World War II to go through the quest of time and find his one and only beloved.
VFX breakdown
The main goals for this sequence on our side were:
- extend the pond (where it was originally filmed)  to the size of wide river (Neva)
- add natural floating and moving ice which usually happens in Russia closer to Spring 

This two simple at first glance tasks caused lots of work behind it. The were no chance just simply to add ice and there where no ability to roto filmed explosion. So we made a decision to replace water and explosion where it was impossible to do in Comp.

First of all we started with basic test of water and floating ice in it.
Early FX tests with water and ice interaction
CG water render with precomp
The goal was to extend the pond to the size of the wide river and to add moving and floating ice all around. We used the combination of live plate and CG water with ice.
Source / Result
Another invisible kind of effect we had to create was water explosion. We didn`t actually need to create the explosion itself, but we were asked to extend the river with some floating ice in it and a bank as if it`s a wide wide river. There where no option to rotoscope explosion and we created new one and placed it ontop of the original one covering a bit wider area)
Rendered water with explosion to replace live water
Freezed  water geometry
Source / CG plate
Set extension
Set extension - turning pond into wide river
Set extension, adding floating ice

Directed by 
Dmitriy Tyurin
Ivan Shurkhovetskiy

Main Road post
VFX Producer
Anna Buleyko

VFX Supervisors
Pavel Nefedov

Trehmer Film Crew
VFX Supervisor


Mariya Andriyanova

Vlad Fedosov

Pavel Ivanov

Borisko Egor

Sergey Konorev
Maxim Popov
Alex Alekhin

Sergey Konorev
Maxim Popov

Viktor Manin

Roman Moiseev
Dmitry Aleksandrov
Dmitry Polbitsyn
Basko Stas