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Antithesis – Days 1-100 – One Artwork Every Day
For followers.
For fame.
For the likes.

For personal growth. 
For experimentation.
For learning.

Inspired by the amazing works and words of Beeple aka Mike Winkelmann, Justin Mallers' Facets, Vasjen Katro's Baugasm, I decided to start my own "everyday" project. A place where I can finally avoid the "I've got no time for this", or "Maybe I'll do this project next month". Cut that shit. The time is here and now. Live everyday in the present moment.

This project will now be updated daily: I didn't updated it regularly in the last few months, but my intention is to fill the gap between this Behance project and the daily artwork posted on Facebook and Instagram.

|04.24.18| "No attachment, complete freedom."
|04.23.18| "A dead tree leaning against an icy rock."
|04.22.18| "The dumb man who had a wonderful dream."
|04.21.18| "A challenge to both mind and spirit."
|04.20.18| "Without seeing the square handle."
|04.19.18| "A black garden with white corn the sky and stars."
|04.18.18| "Rely on yourself. Rely on Dharma."
|04.17.18| "Equality that penetrates the universe"
|04.16.18| "In the past, present, and future"
|04.15.18| "One encounter: once for all."
|04.14.18| "Falling leaves cover all Ch'ang-an city."
|04.13.18| "FIT"
|04.12.18| "Go beyond yourself"
|04.11.18| "Brightness of the mind, clearance of the eye"
|04.10.18| "How about a no-hole flute?"
|04.09.18| "His way of being and working came close to the essence."
|04.08.18| "Arise the machine"
|04.07.18| "Conquer yourself, not the world"
|04.06.18| "Everywhere around you"
|04.05.18| "High mountains, running water"
|04.04.18| "The accomplished hermit hides in the town"
|04.03.18| "A piece of trash falls down and covers the earth."
|04.02.18| "A light lights lights."
|04.01.18| "So thick the confusion Even the cowards were brave"
|03.31.18| "Listen to the dumb man who had a wonderful dream!"
|03.30.18| "A traveler goes beyond that mountain."
|03.29.18| "A leprous horse hitched to the burned stake"
|03.28.18| "A pearl in the torn cloth bag"
|03.27.18| "Body and mind shake off all their chains"
|03.26.18| "Run five hundred miles—in one breath—"
|03.25.18| "No swan flying-one ship lying."
|03.24.18| "Survive the flame unscarred"
|03.23.18| "Fearless generals die at home?"
|03.22.18| "In peace, men show dimples."
|03.21.18| "One rainfall's rest"
|03.20.18| "Penetrate the nature of things"
|03.19.18| "Cry after cry after cry of joy"
|03.18.18| "Jump out of the life-and-death gate."
|03.16.18| "At once from inside and out."
|03.15.18| "Mountains slide, stones crack."
|03.14.18| "Life would be tragic if it weren't funny."
|03.13.18| "Please, be kind to each other"
|03.12.18| "Memorable encounters beyond the realm of time and space."
|03.11.18| "A hard day's night"
|03.10.18| "The moon colors every house white"
|03.09.18| "To display at last maturity of spirit."
|03.08.18| "One night's effort has turned it into a plum"
|03.07.18| "Overcoming every difficulty, turn finally into men?"
|03.06.18| "Human faces, peach blossoms"
|03.05.18| "The deepest satori doesn't mind small matters."
|03.04.18| "Saying "fire" won't burn your mouth"
|03.02.18| "To heap a silver bowl with snow"
|03.01.18| "With a sharp sword in your mouth"
|02.28.18| "In the green willow's shade."
|02.27.18| "Eat when hungry! Sleep when tired!"
|02.26.18| "Flower's fragrance comes into the remote gate"
|02.25.18| "If You Love, Love Openly"
|02.24.18| "In the ripeness of time, Dharma shows."
|02.23.18| "So long and thanks for all the fish"
|02.22.18| "A poisoned arrow hits the heart."
|02.21.18| "Seeing illusion but not recognizing it."
|02.20.18| "A wooden man doesn't fear the lion's roar."
|02.19.18| "In the jeweled palace dead soundless midnight coming"
|02.18.18| "Mountains darkening, clouds match the snow."
|02.17.18| "The body, chanting, now utterly frozen—unaware."
|02.16.18| "Bring back the dead! Kill the living!"
|02.15.18| "Beyond the river, several blue mountains."
|02.14.18| "The whale swallows up the sea"
|02.13.18| "All is one. All is equal."
|02.12.18| "Burn it off, and you'll see the ground isn't flat"
|02.11.18| "Cutting the human yes and no"
|02.10.18| "The grass color makes the dragonflies drunk."
|02.09.18| "It's spring in the walled town, the grass growing wild."
|02.08.18| "Each time you show it, each time it's new."
|02.07.18| "A black ball walks on the snow."
|02.06.18| "Fishes jump on a high mountain."
|02.05.18| "Hold the great sea upside down!"
|02.04.18| "No good thought, no evil thought."
|02.03.18| "Watch all sentient beings with merciful eyes."
|02.02.18| "Sleep stretching out your legs: No lie, no truth."
|02.01.18| "The unconquerable fire burns the caldron"
|01.31.18| "A bright king has no attendant to dismiss."
|01.30.18| "Into the fire hole hand in hand."
|01.29.18| “I'll go into the wild field”
|01.28.18| "Everything is you."
|01.27.18| "No seam in chaos."
|01.26.18| "Illusory flowers dance wildly."
|01.25.18| "Dip up water — the moon lies in your hands"
|01.24.18| "In the evening sun - a monk"
|01.23.18| "I've seen through you already."
|01.22.18| "One light, a million lights"
|01.21.18| "The birds' paths — no east, no west."
|01.20.18| "The day dawns: fire gets useless."
|01.19.18| "My mind is a void sky."
|01.18.18| “The two mirrors reflect each other.”
|01.17.18| "From the origins nothing exists."
|01.16.18| "One flower opens: spring everywhere."
|01.15.18| "I was out walking about in the mountains."
|01.14.18| “Every day is a good day.”
|01.13.18| "Clear and void, no holiness."
Antithesis – Days 1-100 – One Artwork Every Day

Antithesis – Days 1-100 – One Artwork Every Day

Antithesis Daily – Creating one artwork everyday for the sake of it