Norwegian hydropower is a valuable resource, and we must exploit it in the absolute best way.

And this is true, according to Agder Energi and 07 Media, the last have developed the idea and created the film.

"Water is a policy, at least when you turn it into energy. Therefore, it is crucial to emphasize what an enormous importance and resource we have here in Norway. It's extremely exciting to see what opportunities Norwegian hydropower has to help Europe to become more climate neutral," - says communications consultant and copywriter Stein Inge Jærnes.

Together with Ina Maria Brekke, they went to Seats, precisely to the Setes Valley, and followed the path of the water, all the way from the top. The result has become a beautiful film where the viewer gets an insight into how a young woman without connection to the power industry thinks about the possibilities that lie in water and hydropower.  

"It has been a fun process from the development of the script to the moment when we filmed the last dronebild on the top Vatnatalsdammen. This was an interesting task to present this message in a film format," - says director Tor Einstabland.

Can we miss this chance? Film for Agder Energi