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    A collection of briefs that involved idea generation and branding
Uni project to go through the process of idea generation for the one of the O2 adverts (competition). An executed piece was not required but I thought why not! Gathered a few friends and managed to get them to jump all over my local area while I snapped some shots of them in mid air. The idea behind this was connections and friendship. During the research period I did a number of experiments to explore these areas. I finally came to some ordered thought out of the chaos and played around with photos on facebook (for some reason a couple of friends went through a 'let's take a photo of us all jumping' phase). I liked the shapes produced.  I also had some strange obsession with russian dolls at the time and that gave me the idea of 'gifts' friends give gifts to each other the more the merrier! (pinnacle moment there). It was a bit of an amalgamation of these ideas which is shown in this video of the guys jumping into a pseudo car and meeting their friends along the way and each time they meet they place their gift into a bigger gift box (ooo metaphorical :p)...I've just noticed my friend zipping up his flyers at the end...-_-;

The next 3 images are some of my odd idea generation:
Took out contents from bags and lined them up in a neat line. Then we sketched the items without lifting the pen from the paper, forcing you to connect everything together.
Board showing mind map and explanation for 'The Blue Gift' advert.
Competition for E4′s ‘Guilty Pleasures’ 30 second advert screening old films considered to be of both good and bad tastes. Associating certain tastes in music with the almost, guilty pleasure of dancing happily to them, I recorded some friends dancing to old cheesy music, editing the videos to look like they had been taken by security cameras without their knowledge and selected clips from old films that had specific comments in response to each track played with its dancer.

There was another idea of sticking E4 stickers on a fat guy eating a massive fatty burger but I didn't know any really big people that would be up for it :/
For research we did a 10 minute spree of ideas on the word irreverent given by E4's brief. This is one I came up with just by looking online for angsty, disrespectful quotes and placed them all in one sentence. Highlighting a hidden message - a double irreverent message. Couldn't stopping thinking about how much of a teenage view it took.
A piece on information overload using visual and audio subliminal messaging (ie: repeat something over and over again and you start to believe it etc things of that sort). This is trying the express in a simple analogue format how digital trends form in this present day. The original show piece was displayed on 4 old tv screens with the dvds synched and looped. This was displayed in the OXO Tower in London for 3 days with interesting reactions from the audience.
A little bit of craziness all in the name of type. This was a project where each one of us had to generate a type font out of mechanical parts. I chose an industrial printer from uni after talking to the nice guys at the media department. I then gathered a few selected members of my circle that had qualities of manageable direction and strength. We planned practice shots and how we were going to dismantle the printer. However after 4 hours of hard intense work I discovered the following:

- Planned out dismantling through verbal communication.
- Realising our man made tools were not sufficient in decapitating an industrial printer.
- Finding natural resources to solve this problem.
- Exhaustion and lack of verbal communication.
- Abandoning verbal communication and splitting into groups - copying actions.
- Cavemen syndrome with fire.

It was a fun night, I got what I needed to create some fonts and the tutors/friends enjoyed the show so it was a win, win situation.
This is the alphabet created. It's not pretty or sticks to the basic principles of good type but I enjoyed every bit of the process!