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    A personal project on packaging

The videogames from the early 90 have made huge impact on my childhood. And for the love of these games I decided to make a fanmade videogame box for nintendo’s gameboy.
During the 80/90’s they’ve shown several tv commercals about videogames. They all had their own unique slogan to sell it to their audience.
Nintendo slogan was: NOW.. YOUR PLAYING WITH POWER! 
That was enough reason to start and finish this project.

The biggest challenge of this project was too keep the graphics consistent with the older generation of videogames. The front cover displays a typical image of the late 90's
luckily I found an old gameboy cartrdidge at a retro store and bought it for 8 bucks.. the actual game wasan old copy of "Addams family pugsley scavenger hunt" which sucked anyway..
The booklet contains information on warranty, gameplay, an enemylist and a storyline.
These are the actual screenshots of the game. It represents a puzzle, where you have to find a way to escape the dangerous mazes which are filled with traps.
In order to escape, you'll have to destroy the a number of pillars (totems) to open the exit door. unfortunatly these totems activate a trap when its destroyed, giving you less chance of survival. so its important to choose wisely to stay alive. 


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