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    Mystery World is an old story / series of illustrations i came up with in 2006. It is a dreamworld that exists in a place secret from humans. … Read More
    Mystery World is an old story / series of illustrations i came up with in 2006. It is a dreamworld that exists in a place secret from humans. It was inhabited many million years ago by a clan of tentacled creatures , the Matrices. Having to abandon their previous planet, the Elder Matrices gathered the finest of each Clan and send them away , in order to find a new Mystery World and roll the wheel of life once again. The White Matrix is the Wisest of all, it gives birth to the little black creatures called Mystery People. Grey Matrix is the evil sibling of White Matrix, always trying to steal away the powerful Mask of Four Elements and become the ruler of the Mystery World. The Tree Matrix is the planet's happy florist , growing all kinds of plants and trees on the top of its head for years. The Cloud Matrix is the one responsible for rain, as there aren't seasons in the Mystery World. Read Less
Long time ago in the Mystery World, before humans and animals even existed, the Matrices appeared.. The Old Books describe that day as The Birth Of The Matrices.
Nobody knows where these strange creatures came from as they rushed down on the Mystery World from the skies. Big as mountains, they fell for years and years, untill one day they appeared on the blue skies like flaming meteorites. They inhabited the depths of our seas for 3 days in order to shed their cocoons and rise to the surface. There are many Matrices, each one responsible for a particular task in the Mystery world. The White Matrix was the first one who rose on the surface.. Watching his siblings following his journey, the White Matrix knew that not all of them would make it to the surface.. And not all of them would choose to lead a peaceful life...\
White Matrix is big like a mountain.
t is a quiet, winter night in the Mystery World. Strangely enough, there are no seasons over there. Every day might bring a different season, you know. A thick mist is covering the place where long time ago, upon its arrival, the White Matrix made it its home, a place where it could peacefully live and give birth to the strange residents of the Mystery world, the Mystery People.
When night falls in the Mystery World, many things happen. If it is one of these special nights, the eyes of the Wise One will slowly start filling with tears running down its cheeks, mouth wide open.. A strange sound will be heard all around the Mystery World in order to let everybody know that the Birth has began. Then the Mystery People who live with the Cloud Matrix will come to collect the Tears. This takes almost until the dawn, mostly because Mystery People are small, so they cannot carry more than a drop each. I once read in the Old Books that even a tiny drop of the Tears is so heavy, that even the strongest man in the world could not carry. How can you carry a teardrop though, you will ask? Well, thats where the Triplets come in handy with this task. You see, the teardrops are freezed by the Snow Triplets, making the teardrop more stable to carry. Then after a long night of hard work, the tears will be magicaly turned to the cloud making sugar, the Triplets will return to the Frozen Lake, and the White Matrix will welcome the new breed of the tiny black creatures, the Mystery People.
..... " As the sun began rising gracefully over the Mystery World, its first rays fell on that strange looking object, sat by the edge of the cliff, opposite the Frozen Lake. The quest was over for the Mystery People, who spend almost a year in order to complete that odd device.
Using a mix of Wise One's tears as well as various magic plants from around the Mystery World, this very device will be capable of producing fluffy lazy clouds of all shapes and sizes, eternally racing across the blue skies of the Mystery World"...

*Old Book, Chapter 10
Every morning, across the big, snake-shaped river that runs through the Mystery World, a team of highly skilled and extra-hard working Mystery People arrives.
Growing lollipops is not an easy job you see. Mystery People have to check on every single one of them, and if the time is right, they call the Tree Matrix to pick them up. He will use some of them on the top of his head, right there where a huge patch of land has strangely grew. No matter how hard working at the lollipop field is, its also one of the most beautiful places in the Mystery World and everyone loves to be rostered up for the Lollipop Field. And the best thing ofcourse, is being so close to the Cloud Matrix, watching it painting the blue skies like a true artist. Mystery People love to be around when the Cloud Matrix wears his special cloud making hat. Its the one for trainning purposes. It makes some of the best looking clouds you ll ever get to see in your life. These clouds, althought considerably small, are send above the Lollipop Fields when its trainning time. You see, seducing and making clouds drool is not an easy job either
Just a short walk from the Mystery Forest, the Lolipop Field is full of, well, lolipops. These fellas can grow up to some hundreds of meters tall, and they are quite fun to hang out with.
I am not sure how the Mystery People got to plant them and grow them, what I am sure of though is that although they look dissarmingly yummy and mouth watering, they re not meant for eating. What the Mystery People use them for, is for rain. Now, how on earth can you get rain out of a 200 meters tall lolipop?
Well, thats where the crafts expertise of the Mystery People comes in handy. If a bit of rain is needed, then they use one or two lolipops as a bait. They swing it in order to attract the attention of the clouds up in the sky. The cloud gets close, and starts drooling over the yummy and tasty lolipop. Voila!!! Rain.
The Tree Matrix is Mystery World's dedicated florist. Responsible for the growing of the Mystery Trees, the Tree Matrix can grow the trees on the top of its head, where a large patch of land strangely covers it. It is also working close with the Cloud Matrix who is making big puffy clouds in order to water the trees and help with the growing procedure. Some Mystery People live on the Tree Matrix as well. They take care of the Mystery Trees, making sure the Lollipops are tempting enough to attract the candy addicted clouds. When a Tree reaches a good size, then the Tree Matrix gently takes it out of the ground, it is something like plucking a hair from your head, but much more painful.. When its finally out, the Tree might take a test. If it sings good enough, it can join the other Singing Trees. But sometimes not everyone is an artist you see.. But even in that case, the Tree Matrix will do the best to ensure the Tree will have a good time in the land of the Mystery World. It grabs it gently with its tentacle and lifts it all the way up, so high that if you could be there you could almost touch the stars.. When the Tree spots a place it likes, the Tree Matrix takes it there and plants it back again. What a guy, eh?
The Thirty Pillars rise gracefully over the thick clouds that roam up in the skies of the Mystery World. Some hundred meters tall, these elaborate buildings where once used as watchtowers, hence the number of them. Five of them. One for the Wise One, the White Matrix. One for the Cloud Matrix, one for the Snow Triplets. One for the Tree Matrix. And if you look further away, that one used to be for the Grey Matrix. The Thirty Pillars have stood there for aeons, and they have witnessed every single incident, from the Lost Battle of the Mask, to the day when the Grey Matrix was exiled forever in the Forbidden Land. After this unpredictable turbulence in the ranks of the Matrices, the Thirty Pillars were primarily used as the place where the Mystery People spend peacefully the rest of their lives. It was a gift of gratitude on behalf of the White Matrix initially and the rest Matrices followed as well, granting them their own. After a long time of hard work, comes a day when these black creature cannot offer their valuable help anymore. Mystery People get old as well, hence the need for new breeds. The old ones are taken there by a cloud, and old friends meet again after a life of hard work. The spend their last days talking about the times when they where young and full of life. They talk about their adventures, and every now and then the White Matrix flies up there to see if everybody is ok. Losing good friends is always a sad thing, but there is a myth in the Mystery World that says: Everytime one of the Mystery People fades away, another shiny star lights up the night skies of the Mystery World...
Night after night, when Mystery World puts its pajamas on and Mystery People rest after a hard day's work, Koobax appear slowly and graze lazily under the nightlight.
A Koobax looks like a cross between an ox and a furry dinosaur. Something like a plushie Triceratops to be honest with you. It is really slow and mild tempered.And vegetarian too. When Matrices first appeared in Mystery World, Koobax where at the verge of extinction, but Matrices looked after them and managed to save them.
The strangest fact about a Koobax is its very voice. It sounds really odd, almost like a broken tuba. However, Koobax are really patient animals and it takes a couple of mischievious Mystery People in order to piss it off . They think its funny.
Little rascals.
The Frozen Lake, located a few miles east of the Lolipop Field is the home of The Snow Triplets. Strangely, even on a sunny day, the snow never melts. Some say it is because underneath the icey floor, the Fourth Snow Matrix is still sleeping. Myth has it, that upon their arrival on the Mystery World, The Four Snow Matrices chose the bottom of this very lake in order to shed their cocoons. After the end of the third day underneath the lake only three Snow Matrices rose up to the lake's surface. From that day, whenever dusk comes the Triplets gather near the lake waiting for their sibling to wake up from its eternal slumber and join them.
The Snow Triplets. These ones are strange indeed. So far we got to explain how rain is made in the mystery world, but what about snow? Well, thats where these triplets come in handy. First of all, like all triplets they are inseparable. They are always hanging out together, hovering over the sea which separates the mystery tree forest from where the white matrix lives. They re good friends with the Cloud Matrix, probably because their tasks are similar? Well, i am not sure. What i am sure of though is that these fellas got some serious skills in snow making. And you cant actually see it happen, no. theres no silly lolipops and stuff. Its just magic. its an ancient ritual, described in the Old Book as The Dance Of The Snow Triplets. Here's a quote from the book:

"When snow is needed in the Mystery world, the White Matrix has to call the Snow Triplets. The Snow Triplets then begin the Ancient Dance Of The Snow Triplets, forming an imaginary circle over the snow seal which is previously etched on the ground where snow is needed. They start moving in three different orbits, while humming the ancient chants. Then, suddenly their tentacles become transparent, making them look like three white balls which are then stacked on top of eachother, forming something that looks like a snowman. instantly, snow flakes appear to fall from the sky, covering the triplets. The snow lasts only for a day as
the triplets (which now look like a snowman) remain frozen, covered in thick snow untill it melts, thus setting them free again. " Old Book, Chapter 8, page 168