Re:air is a multifunctional device that can humidify, dehumidify, and purify air. The design of Re:air is simple and elegant. It's structure is combined with a fan module that can be flipped upside down and a tank that can hold water and various filters. By simply changing the wind direction of the fan, you can use 3 different functions of Re:air.
Features of Re:air
Re:air is a small home appliance that can be customized according to need by choosing the features the users want.
Our environment is changing everyday.
Our environment is changing everyday. Dry, rainy, extremely dusty days - we are exposed to various kinds of weather and environmental changes.

It is a burden to purchase all the electronic products that match the environment. Therefore, Re:air is a versatile product that can handle all of these environments.

By managing the quality of the air, we can regain our health.
Flip the Fan
The fan can be turned upside down to suck in air or to emit moisture from the inside.
The humidifier sucks air from the bottom and emits it from the top.
For air-cleaning and dehumidification, it sucks in air at the top and emits it from the bottom.
The functions can be different depending on the material entering inside.
Development process
We started to develop our first Re:air from March 2016 and made 5 prototypes total. 
Final Prototyping / 3D Printing
After developing the mold, we were able to produce final product after nemerous trial and error.
Humidification process

The dry air sucked into the bottom passes through the humidifying filter and the bacteria are filtered and only the moisture of the nanoparticles is emitted at the top. Therefore, clean water and air are delivered to make the humidity of the room health
Air cleaning process

The fine dust sucked into the top is filtered by the ‘Bio Hepa Filter’ at the bottom of the fan and only clean air is emitted. And the dehumidifier filter in the tank removes odor and moisture to prevent bacteria growth in the filter and odor in the room.
Dehumidification process / details

The silica gel type B made of porous 99.9% silicon is harmless to human body and has excellent performance in removing moisture and odor. It absorbs moisture and odor through the inside of the fan through invisible moisture, and the dehumidification filter naturally absorbs moisture. No water is formed, and the material itself absorbs odor and moisture. Therefore, it can be reused after drying in the sun once in two weeks for one day.

1. Put the humidification filter into the water tank.
2. Put water into the water tank with the humidifier filter.
3. Place the fan module with the wind direction up.
4. Rinse with running water every two weeks.
Humidification filter Details

The size of the water particles evaporates as nanoparticles, which are smaller than bacteria. Therefore, humidification can occur without any damage to health. Filters used can be reused by washing in running water once every 1 to 2 weeks.
How to make healthy humidity level

Low humidity can lead to viral activity, and high humidity can cause mold to breed in the house. Therefore, the natural vaporization type of Re:air keeps the healthy humidity level at 40 ~ 60%.
Air Purifier

1. Place a dehumidification filter in the bottom case.
2. Place the air purifying filter in the case.
3. Attach the filter case to the bottom of the fan module.
4. Point the wind direction down.
Bio HEPA Filter Details

The Bio Hepa filter can absorb 99.9% of fine dust, and good ingredients for the body is released into the air to improve the user’s skin, improve concentration and prevent aging.

1. Place the product in an enclosed space.
2. Place the dehumidification filter in the bottom case.
3. Place the fan module with the wind direction facing down.
4. Dry the dehumidification filter in the sunlight after two weeks.
Fan Motor Description
Brushless DC motors are designed to minimize the noise of the motor so it does not generate any fricative. It will not fail even if operated for 24 hours for at least 5 years with 50,000 hours.
* An average of 8 kwh is consumed when operating at full speed for 24 hours.
The seven wings minimize the noise while creating the maximum amount of wind, and the wings that are angled at 37 degrees can bring the air behind to the maximum.
RE:AIR UI description
Re:air’s buttons are operated by a capacitive touch sensor for a clean front design, and the buttons are designed to be engraved so that they can not be erased even after long use. The airflow can be adjusted in three steps and the timer can be operated in 2-hour increments. The center arrow-shaped power button indicates the wind direction.
The Re:air is designed to be smaller than A4 size paper, is designed to function without occupying much space in a 16.5-square-meter room and a 9-square-meter dressroom.