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Learning to love yourself isn’t as easy as it ought to be. We live in a society that is perpetually off balance, where expectations and reality rarely align themselves, where validation is often sought in strangers that merely exist in a virtual space. But as human beings, we tend to forget that it is our right, our natural state of being to be happy and healthy, regardless of the body types and boxes people try and squeeze us into.
It is important to create a safe space for oneself mentally, physically and emotionally, and to love the self in its entirety. And on this path to self realisation and care, loving the body is one of the most crucial aspects of growth.
Ripe, in collaboration with Design Fabric and Half Full Curve, interviewed six women coming from different worlds who love or have learnt to love their bodies, accepted their flaws, and shared their stories. 

Photographed by Anai Bharucha
Concept and Styling by Shirin Salwan
Creative Direction: Sanket Avlani 
Makeup and Hair by Alisha Agarwal
Creative Producer: Vanshika Chaudhary
All outfits courtesy Half Full Curve by Rixi and Tinka Bhatia